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Appreciating a Kentucky Sunrise

Appreciating a Kentucky Sunrise may not be high on your appreciation list. However, it should be.

Waking early to see a sunrise is a terrific way to begin your day.

The Glory of the Lord revealed.

An awesome reward for rising early is this stunning sunrise on Delong Road

 Voltaire said, “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”  When you rise early to see a stunning sunrise your focus is on the beauty of our Creator.

Seizing a moment of beauty.

The Majestic Beauty Declared by the Creator of the Universe.

An Early Morning Gift on the Bluegrass of Lexington

Yesterday is out of my control.  I may plan for tomorrow, however life can interrupt plans.   Focusing on the beauty of now gives me great joy.   I can sit on my deck and watch the sunrise, however, riding my bike out of the city into the Kentucky Bluegrass gives me the best opportunity to really capture the Creator’s morning gifts.  These photos were taken on bike rides.  Please remember to give bikers the same courtesy you would cars.  Reading this blog about driving with bikes would be greatly appreciated.

Are you intrigued by the beauty of these photos?

These photos only begin to show the beauty of the Bluegrass.  These were taken with my Samsung phone.  No special settings and no editing were used to make these appear “special.”  In fact, the only way to really enjoy this beautiful scenery is to be there for the moment.  Of course you do need to rise early.  Do you need to ride a bike?  No, in fact from most of Lexington you could walk and see similar sunrises.

Other benefits of rising early and starting your day with healthy exercise.  There are several studies that show the benefits of rising early.  This article has a very good summary of many of those studies.  Riding a bike and discovering the beauty of creation is not in these studies but I hope you will consider doing so.

Appreciating the sunrise on the Bluegrass

The sun illuminates the fog on an early morning bike ride on Armstrong Mill Roa

The Creator Revealed

A bounty of color displayed on Armstrong Mill Rd on an early morning bike ride.

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