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A Shout Out For Congleton Lumber

Congleton Lumber helped me make a dream come true. I have been musing for years about building an all season room. Finally with the encouragement of friends who really know what they are doing I began the project last fall. It is mostly finished and we are enjoying the tranquility the new room provides.

Beautiful windows supplied by Congelton Lumber

The windows from Congleton Lumber provide soothing light and beauty from the pine framing.

Quality Counts!

I would never have attempted this without using Congleton Lumber. A very good friend, Jonathan Donley suggested I use Congleton Lumber for my supplier. I am so glad I did. Jonathan has built houses for me and now has his own construction company doing mostly remodeling, decks and and home additions.   You can contact Jonathan at 859 533 6117.  The quality of the materials was excellent and Congleton delivers everything free of charge when you need it. They also pick up excess materials you do not use and refund your money.




Materials provided by Congleton for this sunroom.

Thank you Congleton Lumber for supplying materials for our beautiful sun room.


My cost may have been more than if I were to shop for everything at a big box store. However the time and stress involved would have been enormous. Have you ever tried to find straight lumber without excessive knots at those big box stores? Congleton Lumber has top quality lumber!

Thank you Wayne and Kelly!

I want to especially want to thank Wayne Grant and Kelly Davis. Wayne was my project materials manager. He was always available and even came out to consult with me when I needed advice. I would never have had such a beautiful room without the help of Wayne. I also would not have such a functional stunning deck without Wayne’s help. There was no extra charge for having Wayne help me. His service came with the materials I purchased.

The deck made possible by Wayne and Congleton Lumber

The awesome deck made possible because of Wayne Grant and Congleton Lumber

Kelly Davis guided me through the process of buying the windows. I did a lot of research on windows. I think I spent a month before finally going to Congleton. Congleton Lumber has a great variety of windows.   And they had just what I wanted and needed. In fact I am surprised at how energy efficient the windows are.

When my framer discovered a very small break in one of the windows he worked with Kelly to get the window replaced.  Cody Smith of Bespoke Builders did the framing.  Cody has a great relationship with Congleton Lumber.  I would highly recommend Cody for any remodel or new construction job you are considering.