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Helping You Sell for More – The Electrical Incentive

Helping You Sell for More – The Electrical Incentive

Paul Campbell for his blog posts.

Paul Campbell is ready to help you get Top Dollar for your home by providing incentives to list.

The Jubilee Team can help you sell for more by addressing several different electrical issues.

Inadequate lighting is the biggest electrical need in most homes.

Homes that are well lighted sell quicker and for more money.  These are quick ways to improve lighting:

  • Switch all your bulbs to LED lighting.  This is a quick inexpensive way to improve the showing of your home.  If you want to add a few inexpensive projects to help really show your home check out this web site.

    LED lights make a big difference in the showing of a home.

    Using LED recessed lights makes a room bright, warm and inviting.

  • Install some recessed LED lighting.  We have eight LED recessed lights in our all season room.  They were installed by one of my electricians and they are fantastic!  You can also get remote controls for the lights which give you lots of options as far as brightness.
  • I also installed recessed LED lights in our kitchen.  I hire a professional to help you with this kind of project. Experience has showed me that many homes need better lighting in the kitchen and also the bedrooms.  Lamps can help but they often are not sufficient.
  • An easier way to improve lighting in a bedroom is often to replace the old fan/light combination with a newer option that contains a bright LED light.  The older fans often look old and out of date and the lighting is almost always poor.

Additional Electrical items I often resolve for my sellers.

Electrical outlets that are not grounded or protected with a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) are other problems that my team will often fix.This can be done without an electrician usually.  While it does not affect the showing of the house usually it can deter the more discerning buyers from making an offer.

If deemed necessary I will hire an electrician to do an inspection.  I recently listed a home where some of the lights were not working when we replaced the bulbs.  I hired an electrician to troubleshoot the problem.  The switches were worn out.  Even after replacing the switches it was obvious the lights were not adequate for the large room.  So, I bought new LED  light fixtures and had the electrician install them.  Sometimes I will do this myself but only if I have the time and it is an easy installation.

Some older homes may need a new electrical panel.  This may be too expensive for me to replace but I can certainly help with the costs.

*** It is most important to understand I am not promising to do everything that the home needs.  After viewing your home and getting some estimates I will write specifically in the listing contract the work that I will do at my own expense.***