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Helping You Sell for More – The Flooring Incentive

Helping You Sell for More – The Flooring Incentive

Paul Campbell for his blog posts.

Paul Campbell is ready to help you get Top Dollar for your home by providing incentives to list.

The flooring incentive can be more costly than other incentives but it sometimes is essential. i sold a home last year where the basement floor was awful.  The old tiles were peeling off the floor.  I knew when I looked at the home the way to get top dollar was to put down new water proof planks.   So I bought the planks at Lowes and hired a really good flooring specialist to help install the new flooring.

The Flooring Incentive may be costly but it can return huge dividends.

The installation of flooring can be as expensive as the flooring itself.  However I paid for the flooring and the installation.  That home sold for at least $20,000 more because of what I did to the basement. The seller paid commission of more than $12,000.   However she was wise to let me list the home and make the improvements.  She netted $8,000 with the basement improvements.

The new vinyl plank flooring radically improved this basement floor.

Installing new flooring can help you get Top Dollar for your home.

Other flooring improvement options that The Jubilee Team has done to improve flooring.

  • Replace worn carpet with new carpet.  This can be much less expensive than putting down laminate or vinyl planks.  However, the majority of owners with children now are not likely to want carpet.  This is my favorite carpet installer.  Ask for Josh (859-3215664) and tell him Paul referred you.  You can also email Josh at
  • Replace tile in a bathroom.
  • Replace or repair decking materials.  This can make a huge difference in appeal.  With greater visual appeal you also will sell much quicker as well as get a better price.

Additional Incentives to Help You Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

*** It is most important to understand I am not promising to do everything that the home needs.  After viewing your home and getting some estimates I will write specifically in the listing contract the work that I will do at my own expense.***


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