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Helping You Sell for More – The Painting Incentive

Helping You Sell for More – The Painting Incentive

Paul Campbell for his blog posts.

Paul Campbell ready to help you get Top Dollar for your home by providing incentives to list.

Painting a home is one of the easiest ways to help you sell for more.  Most homes don’t need everything painted.   However, almost all homes need something painted.  The Jubilee Team will buy the paint you need and will even do some of the painting needed.  We do mostly inside painting but will help with some outside painting.  Especially to spruce up the entry way to your home.

This is a great company to do large outside painting projects.

Some Very Common Painting Needs to Sell Your home for Top Dollar

  • I have shown homes that looked great from the street but when you get up to the door there is peeling paint on the doorposts or the soffits are flaking.  This leaves an immediate negative impression to the buyer.
  • Another common need is to spruce up the trim.  Often most of the home will be fine but there is a certain room that needs the trim painted.  Sometimes the window sills in an older home will need to be scraped and then painted.

    This shows the need to scrape and paint a window sill

    This eyesore can be mediated by scraping and painting.

  • Bold colors are coming back into style.  However what you like in a bold color may not be what the buyers are going to appreciate.  So if you have a dark red room it should be painted a neutral.
  • Central Kentucky is a hotbed of Cat basketball fans but that does not mean it will make you home easy to sell if you have Cat blue in a bedroom.  There are ways to avoid painting a dark room but the best choice is to paint it a neutral.
  • If you have a large deck then scraping it and painting or staining it will make a huge difference.

    This refinished deck shows how to help get Top Dollar for a home.

    This deck was restored by the Jubilee Team to help get Top Dollar for this home in Jessamine County.

Paints I recommend.

All paints are not created equal. If you buy a cheap paint it will not save you money or time.  Cheap paints do not cover nearly as well.  If it is cheap you may end up paying more because of needing to add additional coats.

The best paints in my experience are Behr and Sherman Williams.  You can purchase different qualities of each of these paints but if you buy the most expensive you will not be disappointed.  The links I have provided are for the top quality paints.

Other Incentives Offered to sellers by The Jubilee Team

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The Landscaping Incentive

*** It is most important to understand I am not promising to do everything that the home needs.  After viewing your home and getting some estimates I will write specifically in the listing contract the work that I will do at my own expense.***

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