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Helping You Sell for More – The Pod Incentive

Helping You Sell for More – The Pod Incentive

Even if you are a great house keeper The Pod Incentive can make it easier to sell your home. This is why the Pod Incentive can be helpful.  Homes  look larger when some of the furniture is removed. The pod makes it easy to store that furniture. It is easy to just remove some furniture. I will pay for the Pod for a minimum of two months if you choose this incentive.

Helping you sell for more by removing furniture.

This same room appears larger with less furniture. move the Pod to your new home whether it is Central Kentucky or out of the state.

Helping you sell for more - The Pod Incentive

This living room is crowded with furniture.

Here are two examples of how to make your home look larger.

The first is my living room. It is very functional for our living style and allows us to entertain easily. However, removing the gliding rocker and one of the additional stuffed chairs makes a big difference. Furthermore removing the rug also helps make the room appear larger.  All of these items can be stored in a POD.  This room will appear larger yet if the throw rug is removed.

The room appears larger yet with the rug removed

Removing the rug from the living room makes it appear even larger.

The second example is of our all season room.  It is perfect for Kathy and I but it is filled with items that make the space look very small.  So if we were going to sell our home I would move the table and the rocker to the pod and pull the sectional back about 4 feet.  That will make the room appear much larger.  To make the room look even larger I would pull the sectional apart and have the two pieces facing each other framing the fireplace.  I would also move all the plants out of the room.

Helping you sell for more - The Pod Incentive

Remove some furniture to help get top dollar for this home.

Is the Pod Incentive Necessary to sell your home?

Almost all homes need some help with staging.  This is an essential element of staging a home.  That is getting it to look as large as possible.  However it may be that you have a good place to store your extra things in your current home.  Some people have a basement that is mostly empty.  In that case then you can move some items to the lower level.  In fact that may be a better alternative.  Empty rooms can be improved greatly with the right furniture or staging.  Maybe you can loan the furniture to a friend.  Maybe you want to donate or sell some of the excess furniture to make it easier to move or to downsize.

Additional  Incentives I offer to help you sell your home for Top Dollar

Cleaning carpet

Helping pay for new flooring.

Helping paint

Paying for electrical or plumbing repairs

Paying for a home warranty while you are selling your home that transfers to the new buyer.