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Five Steps to Buying a Home in Lexington and Central Kentucky in 2020, part two

This is part two of “Five Steps to Buying a Home in Lexington and Central Kentucky.

This fourth step will be about the importance of 3 different kinds of home inspections.  Here is the link to the first three steps.

Yes, you do need a home inspection and two other inspections also.  There are several reasons why you need an inspection.  These are two web sites I recommend all home buyers read.   Reasons you Need to Get a Home Inspection and also this article from US News.

The home inspection will cost about $400.  If the home has a crawl space it will be more.  It may be less if it is smaller without a crawl space.

Four hundred dollars is a lot of money but it is money very well spent.

Let me tell you a true story that happened to one of my sellers.

I will use alias names.  Bob and Betty bought a home and had Betty’s dad inspect the home to “save” money.  Betty’s dad had been a home owner for several years and Bob and Betty trusted him to inspect the home.  Well, when Bob had a opportunity to take a much better paying job they needed to sell their home after living in it only 2 years.

So, I listed the home and it sold.

The new buyers had an inspection.   The professional inspector this time discovered major problems with water in the crawl space.   Betty’s dad had not bothered to check out the crawl space carefully.  When Bob and Betty bought the home the seller’s disclosure said that a new sump pump had been installed in the crawl space.  Upon careful inspection it was revealed that sure enough there was a new sump pump in the crawl space.  But guess what?  The pump was sitting in the crawl space with the electrical cord stuck up under some insulation.  The pump was never installed.  After much deliberation Betty and Bob finally paid almost 7 thousand dollars to get the crawl space mold removed, the sump pump installed correctly and the home ready to sell.

You not only need to have a home inspection but you also need to have two other inspections.  In Kentucky you need to have a radon inspection and a termite inspection

Radon is especially present in Fayette County.

The test will run about $150.   In fact of the homes I have helped sell and buy at least 4 out of 5 in Fayette County have had a radon problem.  There is too much evidence that shows radon has a correlation to lung cancer.  This EPA site has links to all kinds of information about radon.  Experience has taught me that if a seller is not willing to help mitigate radon then they are not serious about selling the home.   There are two different companies that I recommend to mitigate radon.  Bluegrass Radon is trustworthy and reasonable.  I have also used.  I also like Protech Environmenal.  Call 502 671 0473.

The termite inspection or wood destroying insect inspection is also very important.

  This is cheaper but can save you a lot of money.  Treating for termites will generally run between 6 hundred and a thousand dollars.  It is law in Kentucky that the seller must treat for termites if they are found.  So, this can save you a lot o money.   Termite damage can usually be be found by a home inspector but they are not the experts and you will need an expert to verifiy whether the termites are active and need treatment.