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Hire a Professional Photographer if you want to get the best price for your home.

I use Matt Huber for almost all of my photos.  I pay Matt to make sure the home has a great chance to sell.  If you search the homes on the web for sell you will find many homes that have not sold in less than 60 days.  Most of these homes have photos taken by the realtor.  A few realtors are very good at taking photos.  Most are not and yet they still try to save money by taking their own photos.  I pay for the photos when listing a home.

Here are a few of Matt Huber’s photos from homes I have listed this year.

This street view was captured by Matt Huber.  This home sold in 8 days.

The large Sun Room was captured by Matt Huber. I just listed this home.

Professional photo

Notice the rich light and the clarity of this professional photo by Matt Huber. I sold this Nicholasville home in less than a month for top dollar.  










How do I know what my home is worth?

To sell your home for top dollar start by getting rid of the clutter.

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