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Neem Oil, A Great Help for your Garden.

Neem Oil is an organic oil from the Neem tree that helps protect plants.

Neem oil is a safe organic substance to help you grow healthy plants.

Neem Oil, A great help for your garden will help you grow healthy flowers and vegetables.  In fact when I am mixing the Neem oil and I get a little on my hands I just rub it into my skin.  I find Neem oil works especially well on flowers that get powdery mildew.  Here in Kentucky with the heavy summer rains and high humidity it is especially helpful.

If you have worries about how it will affect you or your loved ones take a close look at this web site.  Peter, the founder of JustNeem, is a a friend of mine.  These products really do work!  Read the mission statement of JustNeem.   Using Neem will not only make a difference in your garden and your skin.  It will also make a difference in the lives of people in some of the poorest people in the world.

You can buy Neem Oil at Lowes and of course on Amazon.  The bottle pictured here is much less expensive because it is a concentrate you mix with water.  The cap of this bottle is a tablespoon or half of an ounce.  You mix an ounce or two caps full to a gallon of water.  I use a two gallon sprayer.  Therefore I just put four cap fulls in my sprayer and add water.  Use less than a bottle of Neem Oil each year.  That is a small price to pay for healthy, beautiful flowers.  Be sure to shake your sprayer occasionally so the oil is mixed well with the water.

Other tips in applying Neem Oil:

Apply only in the early morning morning or late afternoon when the sun is not shining.  This is true for anything you should spray on plants.  Spraying in the sun can cause the plants to burn.

Spray the plants on all surfaces.  Insects will often hide in the flowers or under the leaves.  Spray in Kentucky every week.  In fact I will often spray after a very heavy rain even if I sprayed a day or two before.

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