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Sell Your Lexington Home for Top Dollar

Do you want your Lexington Home to sell for Top Dollar?

This is the first of several posts I will write so you can get Top Dollar for your home.

We are in a seller’s market still.  However that does not mean you just list your home and hope to get the best price.   Did you work hard to get your home and maintain you home.  Then you deserve to get the best possible price.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get top dollar for your home.

This blog post is to help you understand there is tools that can be used to get a very good baseline on the value of your home.  This baseline is essential.  Then you can focus on the details of preparing your home so that you get the very best price.  This does NOT mean you have to break the bank.

Start with a Baseline Market Value

So how do you get a baseline market value.  I use a software called Focus1st.  This software analyses the homes that have sold in your neighborhood.  Let me demonstrate.  I have listed and sold two home in the Robinwood subdivision this year.  I will use that neighborhood to explain this analysis.  Click on the link below to get a much larger and clearer image.

Odds of selling a home in the Robinwood subdivision

This shows the odds of selling a home in the Robinwood subdivision in Lexington Ky

Robinwood Odds to sell pattern

If there were any home in Robinwood that had expired before selling they would show in a red bar.     There are no expired homes.  That is because we are still in a seller’s market.

The last 12 months 13 homes have sold and there is a 4.6 month supply of homes in Robinwood.

Note though that just for this year, 2019 7 homes have sold and there are 5 on the market.  In 2018 there were only 4 homes that did not sell the entire year.  It seems things have slowed a bit but we still are in a seller’s market.

Remember the Essentials

Getting a baseline market value is a good place to start on pricing your home.  However, getting your home ready to sell is paramount.  Read this blog post I wrote to see how I can help you with this very important task.  The home I am closing today was in need of a much better street view.  I weeded the flower beds in front.  Then, I planted begonias and impatients.  This very shaded front view without color became  a stunning array of bright orange and red blossoms.

I am currently helping a women in south Lexington who wants to move near here grandchildren.  When I walked into the back yard I was challenged immediately.  I knew I needed to remove an old wrap around pool deck.  The pool was gone.  The deck was rotten and the whole back yard was a disaster.  I hired a friend to help demolish the pool and I did some serious pruning.    I did all this free of charge.  It is my goal to do the best to get top dollar!   The seller is delighted!

Removing this old deck is essential in selling this home.

An eyesore that would make a home difficult to sell.

An old deck is replaced with new bark.

The deck is now removed and replaced with beauty bark.